Commercial & Business Litigation

Willits & Associates, P.A. is a full service real estate law firm in Boca Raton, Florida.  We provide our clients with world class service in legal matters involving Commercial and Residential Real Estate, Title Insurance, Probate,  Property Association Representation, Business Law and Commercial Litigation. The firm takes a prudent and practical approach to every matter.  Our experience in real estate and business transactions, combined with our litigation experience, puts us in a unique position to solve problems in a cost effective way for our clients.

Shrewd business owners recognize the need for legal assistance to ensure compliance with local, state and federal regulations, and to minimize disputes with clients, customers, or competitors, and to deal effectively the myriad issues that come up in day to day business operations.  Willits & Associates has represented clients in such matters as breach of contract, appraisals, foreclosures, construction and development loans, ADA claims, quiet title, and partition actions. The firm’s real estate experience enhances our work in disputes headed for litigation, by provides our clients with business options to business problems.  When litigation is unavoidable, the firm provides each client with the support they require to be successful in such cases.

If you need assistance with any commercial and or business litigation contact us online or by phone at 561-353-2400 .